Sunday, February 9, 2014

International Parrotlet Society, Mexican Parrotlets,

So you close down and just take members money. I paid a long term membership fee less then a year ago. My Attorney will be in touch! Dear Mr. XXXX: Thank you for your email. According to our records, you joined IPS in October of 2011 and paid for a one year membership. IPS did not accept any renewals or applications after December 31, 2012 (your membership expired in October of 2012). IPS was closed after written notification to all current members in 2013 and offered refunds to those members. All remaining funds were donated to another 501©(3) organization as per IRS rules and the bylaws of the International Parrotlet Society. I believe you have confused our organization with another. If you have documentation to prove otherwise, a cancelled check or other instrument indicating you paid ‘for a long term membership less than a year ago’ please provide it as I am quite sure you are mistaken. However, if something ‘slipped through the cracks’, I will be more than happy to refund your money out of my OWN personal funds although I am under no legal obligation to do so. Sincerely yours, Sandee L. Molenda, C.A.S. The Parrotlet Ranch, Owner, A Chattering Bird Builds No Nest. Camaroonian Phrase Sandee, Thank you for responding. Since the original notificaton of the IPS closing down I have sent numerous emails as to where to continue getting information. I was surprised that your site NEVER came up in any of my searches. Anyway, it was suggested I attempt one last time and make mention of the "A" word. (attorney) I am quite surprised it worked! So, I apologize for the deception and thank you for responding. I have a "Mexican" or to be more specific, Forpus cyanopygius cyanopygius, and I would love to get him a mate. However I can not seem to find him one. With no local breeders in my area that I have been able to find, and not sure of what I should actually be paying for one. (Chico was a rescue) I had been inquiring with IPS when it shut down as to this info as well as looking to learn where Chico had come from using his leg band information. (Another bit that IPS NEVER responded to) I truely hope you will be able to steer me in the right direction and I again apologize for my tactics. Sincerely, XXXX Dear XXXX: Once IPS was shut down, it was shut down. Disappeared. Gone from the web. There was no way you could contact us anymore unless you contacted me on my private email which you did. Threatening a lawsuit had nothing to do with it. I have a legal background myself and am not intimidated by threats of legal action especially when I have done nothing wrong. Besides, no one pays attorneys hundreds of dollars an hour to go after $25 especially since this would be a small claims court action at best. So no, your tactic didn’t work other than you finally used the correct address to contact me. I am unaware of anyone in the US who has Mexican parrotlets anymore. For more than a decade, I was the only one who had them. Before that, I worked solely with zoos, breeding cooperatives and members of the IPS Breeding Cooperative. All of those breeders got out of parrotlets in the 1990’s and I know of no one who breeds them in the US anymore. I worked for more than twenty years to preserve these birds but when the color mutations were imported in the mid-1990’s most people dumped their other species. The economy eventually put the rest of the breeders out of business and the zoos couldn’t manage them as they wished. Eventually they all became related, inbred and eventually died out, The last one I saw outside of my aviary was in 2002. I’m very sorry I don’t have a better answer for you. If I hear of anyone who has them, I’ll pass your information on to them. Sincerely yours, Sandee L. Molenda, C.A.S. The Parrotlet Ranch, Owner, A Chattering Bird Builds No Nest. Camaroonian Phrase

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