Saturday, February 1, 2014

Green Rump Dark Spot on Beak, Doesn't Like Being Touched

Hi, Sandee! I have a 6 month old Pacific parrotlet named Pocket who is just thriving - very bonded and quite the talker! A few weeks ago, I acquired a sweet green-rumped parrotlet (hatched 10/19) from XXXXX. "Pookie" seems to be adjusting well. He calls me just like Pocket does when I get home from work, and hops quickly onto my hand when I put it in the cage, ready to eat out of my palm (he and Pocket are in separate rooms). I just have a couple of minor questions, if you have time. - the inside of the very tip of Pookie's lower beak is very dark/black. Is that just a normal coloring thing? I know they also have issues with beaks becoming too long, so he's already getting bee pollen granules, which he seems to like. - any suggestions on how to get him used to head scritches? Pocket loves them, but Pookie does not want to be touched. He doesn't hesitate to take seeds which are held between my fingertips, but does not want to be touched by those same fingertips. I was going to ask about getting him to eat more veggies and fruit (so far he eats Nutriberries, millet, hulled sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, oats, and broccoli), but I got out your book and found some great ideas! I've also ordered some birdie bread mix which I've read that parrotlets like. Just a side note - I bought each of them a "snuggle pillar" from an Etsy site called Happy Wings, and they both sleep under them. Much better than the tents or wreaths, which I would think get pretty messy! I'm really loving both of my birds! Just sorry it took me so long to discover parrotlets! Take care, Mary Dear Mary: Thank you for your email. Green Rumps have very delicate beaks which makes them more fragile and easily susceptible to bruising and is one of the issues I believe contributes to some of their beak problems. Although I cannot see the beak, I believe it is probably a bruise which may grow out in time. Kind of like when you hit your fingernail with a hammer, it takes a while for the beak to grow out completely and lose the bruise. It was a serious bruise, it may not grow out but it will not affect the bird. He can still eat, climb, play etc. As for being physically touched, that is completely the preference for individual birds. While you can 'work' on trying to gently touch the bird it may or may not come around. Generally speaking, most Green Rumps are not as physically affectionate as Pacifics and don't like physical contact. Contrary to the assertions of people, Green Rumps are not 'sweeter' than Pacifics. They are just more timid and shy and therefore less apt to be confrontational and nip. However, being shy and timid also often keeps them from wanting physical contact. Hope this helps! Sincerely yours, Sandee L. Molenda, C.A.S. The Parrotlet Ranch, Owner, A Chattering Bird Builds No Nest. Camaroonian Phrase

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