Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Importing a Bird From Asia into Canada

Thanks for all the information provided on your website. And, I have a question for you.Can you offer any advice about bringing a bird from Asia to Canada?

I've been living overseas with my pet bird for 10 years. We are currently living in Thailand and because of the bird flu scare, there are all sorts of restrictions. The USA as you probably know had stopped their quarrantines and banned all imports. I want to relocate to N. America and would love to bring my bird. "Ginger" is healthy but old - she's a 10 year old finch (house sparrow, actually). She has never come in contact with another animal or bird. Her entire life has been lived in quarantine.


Dear Deb:

Thank you for your email.

First, you will need to contact Canada - their ministry of agriculture, their wild-life conservation department and possibly their contagious disease center. This is because Canada, like the US, does ban the import of wild-caught birds. In the US its called the Wild Bird Conservation Act and has nothing to do with disease control. Btw, the US does NOT outlaw the importing of ALL birds although it is severely restricted, it does allow some birds to be imported under certain conditions. This was in place years before H5N1 was discovered.

However, in 1997 when the first case of H5N1 surfaced, the US and Canada outlawed the import of birds from countries that have H5N1 as well as Exotic Newcastle disease. But that is the case for almost every Western nation.I'm not sure what Canada's status is for Thailand but it pretty much mirrors what the US does.

Next you will need to find out whether or not Canada allows the importation of that bird. It may be covered under its Migratory Bird Act, Endangered Species Act or possibly an invasive species act but I am not Canadian and not sure how their rules work.

Finally, I believe that Canada does allow in home quarantine however you will need CITES permits, export permits, import permits and testing at your own expense at minimum However all of this is subject to the laws and rules governing both import of birds and disease control.

Hope this helps!

Sincerely yours,

Sandee L. Molenda, C.A.S.
Secretary, International Parrotlet Society


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