Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Biting Parrotlet

Hi Sandee

Again I must say thank you so much for your web site and blog

Question....I just saw a recent email from Monica on your blog
She mentions the advice you gave her ..." several months ago about taming Toby "
...and she mentions " he doesn't bite anymore ".....could you let me know when
you helped her with taming advice.....the date or month of the blog Monica is
referring too...?......situational behaviors with my male pacific parrotlett the mighty small Odie
After two years from adoption approximately ,he drew blood on my finger
Never bit me that hard before....but knowing from you and others that Pacifics are
indeed quite aggressive and territorial ...still surprised and hurt...somewhat..
It was me who came at him too fast with my hand while he was sitting contentedly
with my wife .....going out that night and wanting to place him back in his cage....
where of course he didn't want to go....he's been more bitey around this issue of late
Total parrot normality....especially amazon parrot behavior similarities
I do get it and he's older and more male in actions....
So, reading your letter that Monica refers to would be appreciated
Let me know how to find it.....I know your academic and breeding chores and more
keep you busy so answer as you can
Greatly appreciated .....odies left foot healed well again and he's just great to have
as part of our family.....latest oration from Odie ....." do you need a poopy break "....then
he repeats the last part several times....likes the rhythm and words it seems

Thanks Sandee


Dear Mark:

Monica hired me as a consultant and I worked with her for 4-5 months. I did write about it my blogs but I really have no idea what dates. She also purchased my latest book so everything is out there but I really can't track it down. Especially these days. I am terribly busy dealing with the issues of my mother's estate so the information is out there and available or we could have some phone consultations if you wish.

Sincerely yours,

Sandee L. Molenda, C.A.S.
The Parrotlet Ranch, Owner, www.parrotletranch.com

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