Friday, July 30, 2010

Parrotlet "Adoption", Waiting List Policy

Dear Sandee,

We are very interested in adopting a pet parrotlet and were wondering
if you will have any available babies ready for adoption around the
last week of September.


Thank you for your email.

I understand that a lot of people like to use the term 'adoption' because they feel bringing a bird into the family is like adding another family member. However, as a bird breeder and someone with a legal background it is important that you understand that I do not 'adopt' birds but I 'sell" them. Legally, the term 'adoption' means you obtain a bird that has no permanent home from a non-profit organization and you probably are not paying a fair market value for the bird but a standardized adoption fee. I am a breeder who has spent almost 30 years breeding healthy, well-socialized parrotlets specifically as pets and take great care and time in both raising wonderful pet parrotlets and making sure they go to good permanent homes.

I currently have birds that are on fertile eggs and expect to have birds available sometime around that time frame. I always have a waiting list and am happy to place your name on it. I do not take deposits and work on a first-come, first-served basis. I contact people about 3 weeks before the bird is ready to go home and if you still want it, we can make arrangements to either have the bird picked up or shipped. If not, I just move on down the list.

Please let me know if you are still interested and thank you again for contacting me.

Sincerely yours,

Sandee L. Molenda, C.A.S.

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