Saturday, July 24, 2010

2 Parrotlet Hand-Feeding Tips

1. Tired of lumpy hand-feeding formula that clogs the syringe? Use a small hand-held strainer to sift the dry formula before adding the water. It will make it very fine and get rid of lumps and large pieces so it will flow easily out of the syringe. This is very important for our little ones since the syringes are narrow, especially if using the canula tips and it also prevents it from using excessive force which can spray hand-feeding formula all over the chicks as well as the table and yourself.

2. Keep a cup of hot water next to you while hand-feeding. If the chick doesn't want to feed, simply fill the syringe and then dip the tip into the hot water. Don't draw up any water but then place it next to the chick's beak. Instinct will cause them to immediately open their mouths and you can feed. I've used this method for almost 30 years and it works like a charm!

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