Sunday, August 4, 2013

Parrotlet Sex Preference, Shipping, Availability

Hi there, I am interested in acquiring a pet parrotlet, hopefully a male since males seem to get along better with women when it comes to birds. I live near Sacramento and was wondering if it is feasible to ship or should I just try to make a trip down there to pick up a bird from you. I wonder if a three hour car ride would be too stressful for a new bird. What do you have available as far as young birds go? I see the cost for shipping seems to be $60? in addition to the price paid for the bird upfront. Thanks in advance for answering my questions. Lisa Dear Lisa: Thank you for your email. I've bred parrotlets for almost 40 years and it has never been my experience that a male parrotlet prefers a female owner or a female prefers a male. The best indication of pet personality is a) the bird's own individual personality and how it likes people b) how it was imprinted (handled & socialized from the nest) and c) how it was trained once it go into the new home. A bird that is a good pet would be a good pet with either women or men. Shipping is done usually out of state as the birds must be flown to their destinations. Sometimes I will ship in state to San Diego or Los Angeles but because of the type of aircraft required (must have a pressurized, climate controlled cargo area). Shipping to Sacramento would be impossible as the small regional jets do not have that capacity. Also, shipping is much more expensive than $60 as most airlines charge at least $100 or more. As for a three hour car riding being stressful, certainly not for a parrotlet. I know people that take their birds on vacation with them in their cars, RV's, boats and by plane. I even travel with unweaned babies and so long as they are not left in an overheated car, they are just fine. Unfortunately, after all these decades of hand-feeding thousands of baby parrotlets, I am no longer able to hand-feed as I have severe arthritis in my thumb. I do not know if I will be able to breed them in the future. I'm sorry. Sincerely yours, Sandee L. Molenda, C.A.S. The Parrotlet Ranch, Owner, A Chattering Bird Builds No Nest. Camaroonian Phrase

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