Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Parrotlet Available in CO Springs

Dear Kris: Hi Sandee, I found your Blog, I'm looking for a good home for my Parrotlet. If you have any followers in the Colorado Springs Area. I got my Bird from a breeder at a bird show in Denver. Her Name was Sue Pollan I believe. I may have the last name a little wrong. I've had him for 7 years. I paid $300 for him he is a nice powder blue color, she said he is rare, but I can't remember his exact kind. I just got him cuz he was different from the rest. I'm only asking $125 for him, just to make sure he gets a good home. He is difficult to get out of the cage but once he is out, he steps up and gives kisses. Also mimics my sneeze and laugh. He likes a soft hut to tuck into at night. Might take a little time to warm up to a new person. He sings pretty and is content with little attention. However I have horses and just got horse property and have found that I no longer have any time to spend with my bird. I named him Valentino. I also have a custom made plexi glass cage I also bought for around $300 a few years ago. I would like to sell it for $150. OR sell both the bird and cage for $250 together. They can have the Zerk auto feeder, natural looking tree branches and all his toys for free with purchase of his cage. I can send a photos to anyone interested. I even have another cage if they rather have it. A typical wire cage they can have for free. Let me know if you think you can help me out. Thanks Kris Thank you for your email. The International Parrotlet Society does have a Parrotlet Placement Program for parrotlets. They will attempt to place a bird, once it has been put for adoption, with one of our members who has agreed to care for it. You can find more information at the International Parrotlet Society's website at http://www.internationalparrotletsociety.org/parrotletplacement.html IPS does not charge either for placement or adoption but we are not a shelter or rescue so there is no guarantee that the bird will be able to be placed but IPS will make every effort. Sincerely yours, Sandee L. Molenda, C.A.S. The Parrotlet Ranch, Owner, www.parrotletranch.com Join the International Parrotlet Society, – the World’s Largest and Oldest Parrotlet Organization www.internationalparrotletsociety.org A Chattering Bird Builds No Nest. Camaroonian Phrase

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