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Can a Shelter Import Birds?

Thanks for your letter Sandee,

Yes, the situation is intolerable. I understand that the only way to import new birds is to become a bird sanctuary. Have you any input on this? I have been breeding birds for a long time, poultry mostly, and I know that it is very important to bring in new genetics regularly to keep the flock healthy. If there is a way to become a bird sanctuary and import more specs, would you see that as a benefit to the national flock?

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Dear Cailin:

No, that is not how you import birds. A sanctuary is a shelter for abused animals and they are ALWAYS against breeding. The entire purposed of the WBCA importation exceptions is to breed for conservation purposes only. NOT sell into the pet trade.

The ONLY way to import is to be a bona fide 501(c)(3) educational and/or conservation organization as is IPS. In fact, IPS was recognized as the ONLY organization able to import parrotlets and one that worked directly with USF & W. In fact, the ONLY reason there are ANY mutation parrotlets (or other parrots for that matter)is because IPS petitioned USF&W at the time of passage of the WBCA to include them because biologically, mutations can only be sustained in captivity. In the wild, Nature culls them out.

But people these days do not want to support organizations. Its so much easier to just get online and ask people. No one has to do any work, pay any money or support the avian community. In fact, I am writing an article, as well as submitting a paper to two national avian conventions, about how the loss of bird clubs will eventually lead to the loss of pretty much all of our birds eventually. This is a very real and distinct possibility and one that is largely being ignored by the avian community. Everyone is so caught up with animal rights and other 'red herrings' that by the time people realize, it will be too late.

For almost all the species of parrotlets, it already is. So, no. If you want to import parrotlets, you should join IPS and support it because once the bird clubs are gone there will be NO WAY to import anything unless you are a zoo or looking for color mutations. Normal birds will not be imported.

Sincerely yours,

Sandee L. Molenda, C.A.S.
The Parrotlet Ranch, Owner,

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