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Parrotlet Foot Question

Bless your giving heart sandee

I Don't do Facebook but get your web and blog on my lil' iPad

Used to live in Santa Cruz and up in davenport with lundberg studios years ago....
Had a gallery with my wife partner .....we lost it all in the 89 ' earthquake....!
Moved to portlandia after ...

Brought up Jewish in new York...I'm 62 now...
I always say I never had a mammal pet....not common in new York when young
Always birds fish reptiles....from parakeets to macaws , greys, and a red head
tuff boy amazon
Now, in retirement i have a pacific parrotlett male.... odysius or Odie ...great bird

Any familiarity with foot leg weakness...?....not weakness but fragile
Past year took him to the local veterinarian over foot pain/damage twice..ok
Odie still limping ...holding his left foot in the air..from recent floor tumble fell.
Not broken but sore...we keep his wings clipped ....good advice always
Limiting his time outside his cage unattended ....home we are most of the time
so, when we are out in the garden..we keep him locked in his cage
He has injured his same left foot twice now from either leaping off his cage
to find us last year....or two days ago falling off barbara's shoulder and hitting
the wood floor....any advice or other parrotlett history of foot damage....?

More to tell....I will email you again
If ever in the Portland Oregon area would love to meet you our Odie
and visit us here at home for a nice lunch for you
I know you are busy....thanks again for your academic work...zoo work...breeding etc

Parrotlets are amazing
Odie starting talking the first month after adopting...says good morning Odie
How ya doin....good morning o' this morning and much more
Bought from Donna at parrot perch in washinton state
From a breeder ...I believe he was a month past weaning then...
Male parrotlett energies as you have talked about....very sweet...sometimes,often a real handful
My wife says now I have my first child
Also jangling key chain and....omg...plastic bags...noise of bags just delights him
Encourages his game playing...goin' to get you... A tag game we play around the
plastic bag sound...any familiarity with that one...?

As time permits advise me as you can
Thank you so much Sandee


Dear Mark:

Thank you so much for your very kind words. I sincerely appreciate them.

Parrotlets are no more inclined to foot damage, especially from an injury than any other bird. The only condition I know of that can contribute to feet problems other than mites or bumble foot, is gout. Gout is very uncommon (as is bumble foot or mites) in parrotlets but it is possible. However, the vet can diagnose that if it is a problem. Not sure what the course of treatment is, if any in birds. I do know it is a very difficult problem to manage in people but, of course, you would need a diagnosis indicated gout.

It is possible that the bird broke or cracked the bone and it never healed correctly. This would also cause continuing problems but again, these are not unique to parrotlets. This would be possible with any bird or even any animal including humans. The only thing that is different about parrotlets is that they do not grip as tightly as other birds so if falling is a problem and the bird has a pre-existing condition that causes issues, you might want to keep the bird off your shoulder when you are walking around and engaging in physical activities. Odie can still join you when you are working or moving about, just put him in a cage or on a play gym where he can keep his balance better and doesn't have to grip as hard.

That's my best advice. Hope it helps and thank you so much for your kind offer. I will keep that in mind. I would love to meet you and your wife as well as the wonderful and talented Odie.

Sincerely yours,

Sandee L. Molenda, C.A.S.
The Parrotlet Ranch, Owner,

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