Saturday, June 18, 2011

Boarding Recommendations

Hi there,

We live in Pittsburgh PA and have a pair of parrotlets whose clutch of eggs just
hatched a few days ago... and we have a one week out of state trip
scheduled for July 2-9th. So we're looking for someone to board our
birds with that has experience with breeding parrotlets (we wouldn't
ask the boarding person/facility to pull the babies, just to feed the
parents and check on the babies every other day or so). Would you
be able to recommend someone in our area?


Dear Kim:

Thank you for your email. You can't move those birds if you want to keep the offspring. The parents will most likely either abandon or kill them if you move them. Also, the risk of disease contraction, especially to the chicks is very high in veterinary offices, pets stores or even with other breeders. You will need to bring in a pet sitter who can care for them in your home. I would not have them check the chicks but just feed and water. This will be stressful enough for your pair, whose natural instincts would be to abandon the nest since they do not know if they will be safe with a stranger around. This has been my experience and I've kept parrotlets for almost 30 years.

I would check with a vet or local pet store to see if they have someone who they recommend. Be sure that they are licensed and bonded. Experience with birds is not necessary since they will only need to be fed and watered. I would not recommend that the cages be cleaned. As I said, the birds will have enough stress with strangers caring for them and you want to keep the disturbance to a minimum so that the parents will not abandon the young. Also, it has been my experience that people do are not familiar with birds will take care of them exactly the way you show them. People with birds not only can bring in diseases on their person but they often will do what they think is 'best' for the birds regardless of your instructions.

Hope this helps and best of luck to you!

Sincerely yours,

Sandee L. Molenda, C.A.S.
Secretary, International Parrotlet Society

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