Monday, May 10, 2010

Will My Parrotlet Disturb My Neighbors?

I live in a small apartment, where the neighbors' apartments share
walls with my own. My apartment's rental office does not tolerate pets
that cause a lot of noise, so I can't afford to get a loud pet for fear
of having to give it up (which would be unfair and cruel to the pet).
Would I be safe with a parrotlet? Do they chirp all day? Can they be
heard through walls? I would plan to get a female parrotlet (they
presumably make less noise than their male counterparts, no?). Can you
think of other precautions I might take?

As I've written, parrotlets are the quietest hookbills you can get. Even my canary is louder. However, 'noise' is in the ear of the beholder. Only you can determine if the volume of a parrotlet would be annoying to your neighbors. They do chirp and chatter and they do that all day - both males and females btw - but only you know how thick your walls are and if the volume of their voices would be disturbing to your neighbors.

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